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Important Information for Students

ACT & SAT Dates for Pickens High School

Almost all colleges and universities, and some scholarships, will require you to have either a SAT or ACT score to submit.  In order to take the SAT or ACT you will need to create an account with their websites (links included on the document link above), register to take the test, and then utilize their website to have your scores sent to the school of your choice.  Once you have created an account, then you will be able to access your scores through the SAT and/or ACT websites.


PHS School Code 111695


Class of 2022 Senior Information Packet

This Senior Information Packet (click on the link above) will assist you and your family with getting prepared to apply for college, scholarships, jobs, and creating professional relationships with your teachers and counselors.  Access to this packet is available to everyone who can download a pdf file.

Please click HERE to access an electronic copy of the PHS Senior Information Sheet that you can type in or you can print it and write in it.

Your school counselors are here to assist you as needed and wish you the best of luck this year!






PHS Senior Presentation

Please click on the link above to download the senior power-point presentation.  After the presentation downloads to your device, then please click on the "audio" icon in the lower right hand corner of each slide to listen to the presentation information recorded for you on each slide.





Scholarship Information

Below are local and state scholarships that are currently available for students to apply to:


1) Big Canoe Chapel Scholarship

-Any Class of 2022 senior student may apply to the Big Canoe Chapel Scholarship if he/she is a resident of Pickens or Dawson County and wishes to further his/her education as a full-time student after graduating from high school.

-In order to apply, students must complete the scholarship application, provide a copy of your high school transcript (must be HOPE eligible and have a 3.25 in their core curriculum with a combination of at least 3 AP and/or Dual Enrollment classes), provide two written personal references, complete the Big Canoe Chapel Scholarship Senior Profile, and provide a letter of acceptance to the college of your choice.

-Completed scholarship packets must be turned in to the PHS counseling department no later than 12pm on Friday, January 21, 2022.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure their scholarship application packets are completed, have all required documents, and are turned in on time.  No applications will be accepted after 12pm on Friday, 1/21/22.

-Please click HERE to access the Big Canoe Chapel Scholarship webpage.  Scroll to the bottom of this webpage to access a video message about the scholarship as well as the scholarship brochure, application, senior profile document, and a list of the scholarship requirements.


2) Bent Tree Foundation Scholarship

-The Bent Tree Foundation Scholarship is open to all graduating seniors at PHS who plan on entering an accredited two year or four year post-secondary degree program or a one year certificate program.

-To apply to this scholarship opportunity, PHS seniors must turn in complete application packets to their PHS counselor by 12pm on Friday, 2/4/2022.  Complete application packets must include the application form, copy of PHS transcript, copies of ACT and/or ACT scores, two recommendation letters, and a letter of acceptance from the school you plan to attend.

-Click HERE to access the Bent Tree Foundation Scholarship Application.


3) Bent Tree Tennis Community Scholarship

-The Bent Tree Tennis Community Scholarship is open to all PHS seniors who were/are active in the PHS Tennis Program for a minimum of two years (including their senior year) or in some way associated with the Bent Tree Tennis Club.

-Qualified applicants who wish to apply to this scholarship must turn in complete application packets to their PHS counselor by 12pm on Friday, 2/4/2022.  Complete application packets must include the application form, copy of PHS transcript, copies of ACT and/or ACT scores, two recommendation letters, and a letter of acceptance from the school you plan to attend.

-Click HERE to access the Bent Tree Tennis Community Scholarship Application.


4) John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest

-This essay contest is open to all U.S. high school students in grades 9 through 12.

-Click HERE to learn more about the eligibility requirements for this national contest.

-The deadline is January 14th, 2022.


5) The David Skinner/GDA Scholarship

-The David Skinner/GDA (Georgia Development Authority) Scholarship awards 6 scholarships in the amount of $2,400 that will be awarded annually to students enrolled in the study of Agriculture or an Agriculture related field.

-Those applying must be a senior, successfully passed their high school academic requirements, have college entrance exam scores qualifying their admission to an accredited Georgia College, must be a Georgia resident living in a rural county, and must be pursuing a degree directly related to agriculture.

-Click HERE to access the website to this scholarship and the application.

-The scholarship must be postmarked no later than the first Monday in May.  Information on how and what to submit are on the scholarship's website.


6) Georgia Mining Foundation Scholarship Program

-Georgia high school seniors attending schools in counties where mining companies maintain operations are eligible to apply to this scholarship.

-Click HERE to access the Information Sheet on this scholarship opportunity.

-Click HERE to access the scholarship application.

-Click HERE to visit the scholarship's website.

-All completed applications must be submitted and mailed by February, 18th, 2022.




***Please click HERE to access the studentscholarships.org October newsletter listing multiple national scholarships that are currently available.***


The below websites provide multiple nationwide scholarships and grants that you can inquire about and apply for both seniors and juniors:

- https://www.fastweb.com/

- https://www.scholarships.com/

- https://scholarships360.org/ 

- https://studentscholarships.org




Please make sure to also fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid for college.




Transcript Requests and Attendance Verifications


Need a copy of your transcript?  Then please send your transcript request to


and include your name (when you attended PHS if you are not currently enrolled), DOB, last 4 digits of your SSN, and where you need the transcript to be sent to.  For previously graduated PHS students, the cost for a transcript request to be processed is $3.00.

Need a copy of your attendance verification and/or your ADAP report for your learner's or driver's license?  Please email your request to






***Attention Seniors***

If you would like assistance with writing scholarship and college application essays, Mrs. Christi Hobgood is offering her help.  In room 418, she will be offering afterschool essay help on Tuesdays from 2:40-3:30pm by appointment only.  Please email Mrs. Hobgood to make an appointment.

Applying to College

You can apply directly through the college of your choice for admittance to a college or you can use the Common App Tool.  Common App is a non-profit member organization that represents nearly 900 diverse colleges.  This tool connects students to a variety of public and private colleges and universities across all 50 U.S. states and 20 different countries.

-Click HERE to to be directed the Common App website and start your application process.

-Parents/Guardians/Families can click HERE to be directed to the family resources page on Common App to get information on Financial Aid and how to support your student as he/she applies to colleges.

-Students can click HERE to access important documents/resources to assist in your Common App process.





College Visits

In lieu of on campus college visits, some colleges are hosting virtual information sessions this school year.  Below are some upcoming college meetings (in-person and/or virtual) that you may want to attend:


1) Columbus State Univ. Discovery Day

-Saturday, November 13th, Columbus State University is hosting another "Discovery Day" to invite more future Cougars and their families to experience CSU.

-Click HERE to register for their college visitation.







Click HERE to view the YouScience Power Point Presentation.  This is a large file due to the videos on the presentation; thus, when you click on the link you will then need to click on the "power-point" download option.


Click HERE to download the YouScience Workbook.


Click HERE to access the instructions for activating and logging into your YouScience account.




How to Create a GA Futures Account

Click HERE to use this document to help create your GA Futures Account.  This is a necessary step in the Dual Enrollment process, tracking your HOPE GPA, and will also help you keep track of various tasks in your college application journey.


Military Information

Have you ever considered joining the military?  Below are some links to help best assist you in making this decision and how to contact a recruiter.  For more information, then please schedule an appointment with your school counselor or local military recruiter.

U.S. Army

Please click HERE for information on joining the US Army.

Please click HERE to view a short video about joining the US Army National Guard.

Air Force

Click on the link below to view the recruitment requirements for joining the Air Force:


US Navy

Please click HERE to view the requirements for enlisting in the US Navy.

Marine Corps

Please click HERE to access the link showing what is required to enlist in the Marine Corps.

Coast Guard

Click on the link below to view the requirements for joining the Coast Guard: